Organizational Behaviour: A Modern Approach

Organizational Behaviour: A Modern Approach

Authors : Arun Kumar & N Meenakshi

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About the Author

Arun Kumar :-
He is an engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee, and postgraduate in management studies from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. He has worked in Escorts Limited for more than a decade, and taught at NIILM - Center of Management Studies for over fifteen years. Currently he is working in New Delhi Institute of Management. He has published articles in various journals of repute.

N Meenakshi :-
She has a doctorate from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. She is a postgraduate in International Business from Delhi School of Economics. Currently working in Goa Institute of Management, she has earlier taught at NIILM Center for Management Studies for fourteen years. She has published several articles in esteemed journals.

About the Book

This book prescribes methods to manage employees and suggests that the management takes responsibility for everything that might adversely affect an employee's capacity to work creatively and intelligently, irrespective of the place - inside the organization or outside it. The focus of the book is on holistic development of the individual. Peeping into the human mind, it shows how organizations can tap the passions and fears of their employees to make them more creative and productive. The book prescribes a democratic and inclusive management style.
A special feature of this book is that there is an innovative integration of chapter objectives and summaries leading to analysis through caselets. Every point in the objectives has corresponding text and is supplemented by a Case.

Salient Features

• Novel orientation—is written for the knowledge economy as against the traditional approach which is for the industrial economy.
• Incorporates the latest research and developments that have taken place in the last ten years in the field of organizational behaviour, as against the conventional approach based on anachronistic theories and notions.
• Comprehensive content—includes a total of 261 distinct topics.
• Corresponding cases for each topic.
• Summary for every distinct topic.
• Thinks anew—includes topics such as Women in the Workplace, The CEO, Self-Management, Career Management, and Managing and Enhancing Performance.

Table of Content

• Introducing Life in Organizations…..Living Beyond Means, 1. Self-Management, 2. Managing Careers, 3. Leadership, 4. Motivation, 5. Decision Making, 6. Group Dynamics, 7. Team Dynamics, 8. Communication, 9. Conflict Management, 10. Negotiation, 11. Personality, 12. Organization Structure, 13. Values and Culture, 14. Organizational Change, 15. The CEO, 16. Women in the Workforce, 17. Managing and Enhancing Performance