Organizational Behaviour: Text and Cases, 3/e

Organizational Behaviour: Text and Cases, 3/e

Authors : Kavita Singh

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About the Author

Kavita Singh :-
She is a Faculty in the area of Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Development and Change at the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. Dr Singh has an MA and MPhil in Psychology from University of Delhi and a PhD in Management from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. The specific title of the research work is A Study of Work Culture in Selected Indian Organizations. Dr Singh has been actively involved in teaching, research, and consultancy in a distinguished career spanning more than 21 years. She has been nominated by the University of Delhi in 2008 to attend a colloquium on participant-centric learning at the Harvard Business School.

About the Book

The third edition of Organizational Behaviour: Text and Cases offers a concise yet comprehensive coverage of the theories that determine behaviour in organizations. The relationship between effective organizational behaviour and the effective functioning of an organization is established through a clear and lucid style of presentation.
With the help of necessary concepts, tools and techniques necessary for understanding behaviour in organizations, this book attempts to unfold human behaviour at four levels; starting from the individual processes and moving on to the interpersonal, organizational, and change processes. It encourages active learning through exercises, field projects and case studies, and develops competencies that are essential for becoming successful managers and effective employees in organizations. The three new chapters—Career, Planning and Management; Performance and Reward Management; and Gender Issues in Management—help readers understand organizational behaviour in the current Indian business scenario better.

Key Features

• Classroom-tested case studies pertaining to actual incidents from the workplace
• Several examples from BPCL, HCL Technologies, Wipro, Infosys and SAP highlighting the best practices in the industry
• Caselets focusing on behavioural issues in organizations
• Field projects involving students in data collection and analysis
• Marginalia summarizing crucial points and serving as quick references
• A companion website featuring multiple-choice questions, learning objectives, an instructor's manual, and PowerPoint lecture slides enabling effective presentation of concepts

Table of Content

1. Managing Organizational Behaviour, 2. Personality, 3. Perception, 4. Learning and Reinforcement, 5. Attitudes and Values, 6. Work Motivation, 7. Work Stress, 8. Organizational Communication, 9. Managing Group Dynamics, 10. Leadership, 11. Managing Conflicts and Negotiations, 12. Decision Making and Problem Solving, 13. Organizational Structures and Design, 14. Power and Political Behaviour in Organizations, 15. Organizational Culture, 16. Nature of Planned Organizational Change, 17. Approaches to Planned Organizational Change, 18. Career, Planning and Management, 19. Performance and Reward Management, 20. Gender Issues in Management