Pedagogy of Mathematics

Pedagogy of Mathematics

Authors : Madhu Sahni

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About the Author

Madhu Sahni :-
She is Senior Assistant Professor at Vaish College of Education, Rohtak (Haryana). Earlier she taught at CPSM College of Education, Gurugram (Haryana). She has 15 years of experience in teaching BEd and MEd courses. She has many research articles and papers to her credit and has presented papers at national and international seminars. She has supervised a number of dissertations for Master's and M Phil degrees.

About the Book

The book meets the requirements of BEd students of various Indian universities and hence is useful for all those undergoing teacher training. The book will acquaint these students with mathematics as a school subject and provide them with a solid foundation to build their expertise in the teaching of the subject. For in-service teachers it serves to refresh the methodological knowledge and skills of imparting information.
In addition to pupil-teachers the book will also help trainers in understanding the methodology of teaching mathematics in a systematic and effective manner. 
The book is unique and stands out of its peers in the following ways:
1. It provides due space to techniques of teaching mathematics effectively, such as collaborative learning, co-operative learning, inquiry-based learning and activity-based learning. 
2. It discusses constructivism approach to teaching mathematics distinctively.
3. It follows innovative and ICT-based pedagogical practices, such as e-learning, blended learning, mobile learning and u-learning.
4. Effectively discusses different techniques of evaluation and setting of questions on different mathematical topics, corresponding to each objective of cognitive domain.
5. Includes mathematical examples of teaching maxims and principles.

Salient Features

• Objectives of each chapter defined to give an overview before starting.
• MCQs to help students in preparing for CTET-type examinations.
• Descriptive questions to test comprehension fully and to focus on the BEd
• Separate lesson plans for arithmetic, algebra and geometry.
• Micro lesson plans that include all core skills.

Table of Content

1. Mathematics: An Introduction, 2. Understanding Mathematical System and Structure, 3. History of Mathematics, 4. Aims and Objectives of Teaching Mathematics, 5. Mathematics Curriculum, 6. Essentials of Teaching Mathematics, 7. Methods of Teaching Mathematics, 8. Constructivism in Teaching Mathematics, 9. Techniques of Teaching Mathematics, 10. Microteaching and Teaching Skills, 11. Mathematics Teacher, 12. Resources for Teaching and Learning Mathematics, 13. Teaching Aids in Mathematics, 14. Information and Communication Technology in Teaching of Mathematics, 15. Evaluation in Mathematics, 16. Pedagogical Analysis of Contents in Mathematics, 17. Lesson  Planning  and  Unit  Planning  in Mathematics • Bibliography