Physics For Degree Students B.Sc. Second Year

Physics For Degree Students B.Sc. Second Year

Authors : C L Arora & P S Hemne

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About the Author

C L Arora :- M.Sc.Formely Principal, D.A.V. College, Jalandhar and Dean of Colleges, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

P S Hemne :-
He is having about 41 years of teaching experience. He was former Principal and Head of the Post-graduate Department of Physics of the reputed college of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur. He is an Eminent Author of Sixteen text-books and reference books in Physics. Some of his most famous books are Heat, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics; Mechanics, B.Sc. Practical Physics; Introduction to Lasers Theory and Applications; and Physics for Degree Students of B.Sc. Part I, II, III for all Universities in India. Most of the above books are available online on Google and Amazon website. He was ex-Chairman, Board of studies (BOS) in Physics, and member of Perspective Plan of Gondwana University. He is Life member of Luminescence Society of India. RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur has awarded him Ph.D. degree for his interdisciplinary Research work on Phototherapy. He has prestigious Research work on photoluminescence.

About the Book

For B.Sc. Second Year Students as per UGC Model Curriculum (For All Indian Universities). The book is presented in a comprehensive way using simple language. The sequence of articles in each chapter enables the students to understand the gradual development of the subject. A large number of illustrations, pictures and interestinf examples have been given to illsutrate the basic principles involved so as to make reading interesting and understandable. Solved examinations as well as numerical questions frequently asked in different universities are incorporated, including summer 2011 examination questions at the end of each chapter.


Table of Content

Section-I: Kinetic Theory of Matter
• Ideal Gas • Behaviour of Real Gases • Transport Phenomena in Gases

Section-II: Thermodynamics
• Laws of Thermodynamics • Entropy • Thermodynamical Relationship • Liquefaction of Gases • Radiation

Section-III: Statistical Physics
• Statistical Basis of Thermodynamics • Some Universal Laws in Statistical Mechanics • Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics • Quantum Statistics

Section-IV: Waves
• Waves in Media • Superposition of Waves • Standing Waves

Section-V: Acoustics
• Noise and Music • Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction of Sound • Applied Acoustics

Section-VI: Geometrical Optics
• Fermat's Principle • Theory of Imager Formation • Aberration in Images • Optical Instruments

Section-VII: Physical Optics
• Interference of Light • Haidinger Fringes • Fresnel Diffraction • Fraunhofer Diffraction • Diffraction Grating • Polarization of Light

Section-VIII: Lasers
• Laser System and Non-Linear Optics • Types of Lasers and Their Applications