Political Theory, 13/e

Political Theory, 13/e

Authors : Eddy Asirvatham & K K Misra

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About the Author

Eddy Asirvatham :- Ph.D. Former Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at various universities in India and USA

K K Misra :- M.A., former Reader, Hindu College, Delhi University, Delhi

About the Book

Description: For B.A. (Pass and Honours) Studens of All Indian Universites and Competitive aspirants for IAS, PCS and other Examinations



Table of Content

• The Nature, Scope And Methods Of Political Science • Politics As A Social Process • History, Political Theory And Ideology • The Nature Of The State • The Origin Of The State • The Historical Development Of The State • The Social Contract Theory Of Hobbes, Locke And Rousseau • The Justification And End Of The State • The Proper Sphere Of State Action • The Welfare State • Theory Of State: Its Comparative Dimensions • Nature Of State In Capitalist Society • Nature Of State In Socialist Systems • Comparing The Nature And Role Of The State In Developed And Developing Societies • Theories Of Rights • Particular Rights • Liberty And Equality • The Concept Of Equality Sovereignty • Political Pluralism Law • The Concept Of Justice • Classification Of States And Constitutions • Organisation Of Government • Democracy • Theories Of Democracy • Liberalism And Utilitarianism In Politics • Idealism And Pragmatism In Politics • Nationalism • Imperialism And Internationalism • The Evolution Of Communistic Thought • Marxist • Theories Of Alienation Freedom State And Revolution • Socialism After Marx • Fascism And Nazism • The United Nations • Political Thought Of Mahatma Gandhi • Political Philosophy Of Laski • Comparative Study Of Ideologies • Behaviouralism • Post-Behaviouralism • Politics Of The Millennium • Bibliography • Index