Political Theory, 6/e

Political Theory, 6/e

Authors : V.D. Mahajan

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About the Author

V.D. Mahajan :-
He is a renowned historian. He is noted for his contributions to the study of history. He has written several books on history which include Ancient India, Political theory, Adhunik Bharat ka Itihas, Madhyakalin Baharat, Prachin Bharat ka Itihas, and History of Modern Europe.

About the Book

Political Theory is a comprehensive study on the subject providing an insight into latest thinking by the contemporary political scientists. It introduces the students to various political theories, their evolution and approaches and
an assessment of their critical and contemporary trends. It also helps in reconciling political theory and practice through reflections on the ideas and practices related to welfare state, Fascism, Nazism, democracy, nationalism,
internationalism and imperialism. It is developed for the undergraduate students of Political Science (Pass and honours courses). Aspirants of various competitive examinations such as Civil Services Examination and state public service commission examinations will also find the book extremely useful. 


Key Features

• Enhanced chapters on origin of the State and rights & duties
• Learning Objective as chapter opening facilitate the readers' understanding
• List of "Suggested Readings" at the end of each chapter to guide readers to additional related useful information
• New chapters on political theory, approaches to political analysis; methodology of Political Science; the nature and scope of Political Science; politics and
society; the politics and society; the political system; political culture and political socialisation; power, authority and legitimacy; political modernisation and
political development; property; justice; liberal theory of the nature and functions of the State; Marxian theory of the nature and functions of the State, to name
a few.

Table of Content

1. Political Theory, 2. Approaches to Political Analysis, 3. Methodology of Political Science, 4. Political Science And Its Relation to Allied Sciences, 5. The Nature
and Scope of Political Science, 6. Politics and Society, 7. The State, 8. The Political System, 9. Political Culture and Political Socialisation, 10. Power, Authority and
Legitimacy, 11. Political Modernisation and Political Development, 12. Origin of the State, 13. Evolution of the State, 14. Sovereignty, 15. Citizenship, 16. Rights and
Duties, 17. Liberty, 18. Equality, 19. Property, 20. Justice, 21. Law, 22. Forms of Government, 23. The Constitution of the State, 24. Theory of Separation of Powers,
25. The Legislature, 26. Problems Relating to Voting and Representation, 27. The Executive, 28. The Judiciary, 29. Political Parties and Pressure Groups, 30. Public Opinion, 31. Local Government, 32. The End and Functions of State, 33. Liberal Theory of the Nature and Functions of the State, 34. Marxian Theory of the Nature and Functions of the State, 35. The Welfare State, 36. Utilitarianism, 37. Individualism, 38. Idealist Political Theory, 39. Socialism, 40. Marxism and
Bolshevism, 41. Fascism and Nazism, 42. Democracy, 43. Nationalism and Internationalism, 44. Imperialism, 45. Political Thought of Harold J. Laski, 46. Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi • Index