Practical Book of Biotech. and Plant Tissue Culture, 1/e

Practical Book of Biotech. and Plant Tissue Culture, 1/e

Authors : Madhavi Adhav & Santosh Nagar

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About the Author

Madhavi Adhav :-

Santosh Nagar :-

About the Book

• The book starts with an introduction to basic knowledge of instruments which deals with principle, working, uses, limitations and precautions of about ten instruments.Basic Knowledge of precaution of;Culture Media for Bacterial Growth, Plant Tissue Culture and Standard Solutions has been given in simple and easy-to-follow language.

• The biotechnology exercises such as Plasmid and DNA isolation, DNA size determination, Restriction digestion, PCR, Gus gene assay, RFLP, RAPD, Isolation of bacteria by streak and Pour plate method, Growth characteristics of E.Coli by Plating and Turbidimetric method and the plant tissues culture exercises such as Cell suspension culture, Androgenesis, Somatic embryogenesis, Preparation of plantlet to greenhouse field, have been given in a student friendly manner.

• Matter for Viva-voce has also been included.


Table of Content

1.Principle, Working And Uses Of Instruments: Autoclave.. 2.Preparation Of Culture Media 3. Preparation Of Standard Solution 4. Isolation Of Bacteria By Streak Plate Method 5. Isolation Of Bacteria By Pour Plate Method 6. To Determine The Growth Character