Principle of VLSI and CMOS Integrated Circuits, 1/e

Principle of VLSI and CMOS Integrated Circuits, 1/e

Authors : Amrita Rai & Richa Jain

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About the Author

Amrita Rai :-

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About the Book

For B.E./B.Tech students of all Technical Universities. Microelectronics/VLSI Design is an emerging subject in the field of electronics in recent years. It is an introductory source to internal parts of electronics at minute level. This book is covering CMOS Design from a digital system level to circuit level and providing a background in CMOS Processing Technology. The book includes basic theortical knowledge as well as good engineering practice. This book is recommended for B.Tech., M.Tech. and diploma students of all Indian Universities and also useful for competitive examinations.

Table of Content

Review And Introduction To Mos Technology | Mos Transistor :Basics And Fabricartion | Mos Transistor Theory | Mos Inverter : Static And Switching Characteristics | Mos Circuits And Logic Design | Circuit Charaterisation And Performance Estimation | Vlsi Fabrication | Combinational And Sequential Mos Logic Ciruits | Programmable Logic Devices | Semiconductor Memories | Design Example Using Cmos | Cmos Testing | University Question Papers