Principles of Communication Engineering, 17/e

Principles of Communication Engineering, 17/e

Authors : A K Chhabra & Anokh Singh

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About the Author

A K Chhabra :- B.Tech., M.I.S.T.E. Deptt. of Electronics Engineering Directorate of Training and Technical Education New Delhi

Anokh Singh :- Deptt. of Applied Electronics and Microwave Technology New Delhi

About the Book

The revised edition of this book provides a comprehensive coverage of the latest topics of the fied of electronics communication. It is presented in simple and easy to understand langauge with more illustrations.

Table of Content

1. Signal 2. Switched Communication Systems 3. Modulation 4. Demodulation 5. Digital Data Communication 6. Radio Transmission Systems 7. Radio Receivers 8. Noise 9. Transmission Lines 10. Aerials 11. Propagation Of Radio Waves 12. Broad-Band Communication