Principles of Political Science, 1/e

Principles of Political Science, 1/e

Authors : A. C. Kapur

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About the Author

A. C. Kapur :-

About the Book

For Graduate and Post Graduate Students of Indian Universities and also useful for competitive examinations.


Table of Content

Part L : Nature And Scope Of Political Science• Modern Politics • The Nature Of The State • Origin Of The State • The Evolution Of The State Nationalism• Sovereignty • Relation Between The Individual And The State Rights And Duties • Liberty And Equality• Relations Between States Part Ii: Forms Of Government• Parliamentary, Presidential And Totalitarian Patterns• Separation Of Powers • The Framework Of Government• Constitution • The Electorate And Representation • The Legislature • The Executive Consultative And Advisory Bodies • The Judiciary • The Party System Public Opinion• Local Government • The Finances Of The State Part Iii: The Limits Of Political Control • Theories Of The Sphere Of State Activity • Gandhian Way Of Life• Index