Principles of Teaching English

Principles of Teaching English

Authors : S. Venkateswaran

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About the Author

S. Venkateswaran :-
He is a teacher trainer in the Regional Institute of English, Bangalore. He has taught English Language and Literature at all levels. As a course material writer he has contributed to the Distance Education Programmes of Kakatiya University, Warangal. With a vast experience and commitment to research development and extension, he has published many articles in journals of repute. His book titled Principles in Education has been prescribed as a reference book for the TCH course in Karnataka. In addition to this, as a member of the Textbook Preparation Committee in the Government of A.P. and Karnataka, he has co-authored English Language textbooks.

About the Book

';Principles of Teaching English' is prepared in accordance with the syllabi of English Language Teaching Methodology Courses in B.Ed. Degree, TCH, and training courses in DIETs all over India. It has been designed to provide a detailed account of the past and current trends in the teaching of English as a second language.

Key Features

• Elaborate description of the various approaches to language teaching, in particular the Communicative Approach to Language Teaching
• Covers the underlying theories of language and language learning
• Explains the methods used, the syllabi they envisaged, and the techniques accommodated

Table of Content

1. The Place of English in the Indian School Curriculum, 2. The Nature and Function of Language, 3. Theories of Language and Language Learning, 4. Methods of Teaching English, 5. Communicative Approach to English Language Teaching, 6. Teaching Language Skills (A. Listening and Speaking B. Reading C. Writing), 7. Teaching of Spelling, 8. Teaching of Grammar, 9. Techniques of Teaching English, 10. Correcting Second Language Learners' Errors, 11. Language Games, 12. Audio-Visual Aids in the Teaching of English, 13. Second Language Testing-Procedures and Techniques, 14. Phonetics • Miscellaneous