Professional Communication Skills

Professional Communication Skills

Authors : A.K. Jain, Pravin S R Bhatia & A M Sheikh

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About the Author

A.K. Jain :-
M.A. (English Literature), M.Tech., M.Phil., is Head of the Department of Communication Skills at Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg, Chhattisgarh.

Pravin S R Bhatia :-
M.A. (Eng.), LLB, Ph.D. (English), is retired Squadron Leader from Indian Air Force.

A M Sheikh :-
M.A. (English Literature), M.Phil., Ph.D., MIMA, is former Head of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, MIET, Gondia.

About the Book

This book is specially designed to train Engineering Students to have that critical edge over others in the competitive world of global industries and organisations. It is helpful for teachers, students, trainers, executives to learn the basics of what they would be expected to do as they advance in their careers.


Table of Content

• Language as Skill of Communication • Phonetics • Articles • The Preposition • Tenses • Subject-Verb Accord • The Infinitive • The Participle • Clauses • Degrees of Comparison • Transformation of Sentences • Direct and Indirect Speech • Modifiers • Sentence Connectives • The Gerund • Punctuation and Capitalisation • Vocabulary • Use of Abbreviations • Correct Usage Differentiating the Pairs of Words • Eponym • Concord • Homophones • Letter Writing • Paragraph Writing • Proposal Writing • Verbal Communication • Oral Presentation • Technical Written Communication (Including E-Mail Communication) • Forms of Technical Writing • Report Writing • Advertising • Precis Writing • Collection of Short Essays • Collection of Short Stories • Interview Skills and Group Discussion • Communication: Process & Elements • Reading Comprehension • Principles of Public Speaking • How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation • Speaking Skills • Listening Skills • Question Bank • Model Question Paper