Professional Journalism

Professional Journalism

Authors : M.V. Kamath

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About the Author

M.V. Kamath :-
the doyen of Indian journalism, has authored over 50 books, including Gandhi's Coolie, Shri Ramakrisna Bajaj; B G Kher, The Gentleman Premier; Ganesh Vasudev Mavlankar; Devi Ahalyabai Holkar; Milkman from Anand, Kurien; Nani Palkhiwala: A Life; Gandhi: A Spiritual Journey; The Excel Story; Militant but Non-violent Trade Unionism; The United States and India; On Politics, Media and Literature, and a biography of Sai Baba.
Starting his career with the Free Press Journal in 1946, Kamath went on to become Editor of the Free Press Bulletin, Bharat Jyoti, the Sunday edition of The Times of India and the Illustrated Weekly of India. He was Special Correspondent of the Press Trust of India at the UN and Special Correspondent of the Times of India in Europe and Washington DC. Erstwhile Chairman of Prasar Bharati and Vigyan Prasar, he is today Hon. Director of the Manipal Institute of Communication.

About the Book

There are not many books in India that can serve as a useful textbook to the students and guides to the practising journalist. It is this lacuna that M.V. Kamath, one of the most prominent Indian Journalists, has tried to fill. This is a book on Indian journalism for Indian journalists, citing examples of Indian writers, Kamath quotes profusely from the writings of Indian editors to illustrate his ideas which considerably adds to the relevance of his work.


1. So You Want to Be A Journalist?, 2. The Editor and His Men, 3. The News Operation, 4. What is News, 5. Depth Reporting, 6. Crime Reporting 7. Headline Writing, 8. Writing for Magazines, 9. The Special Correspondents, 10. Government, Media and Social Responsibility • Appendix: Proofreading Marks • Bibliography

Salient Features

• A detailed exposition of news organization and an analysis of what comprises news
• A dedicated chapter on English grammar
• Profusely illustrated with real-world incidents and reports of various kinds
• A useful appendix on proofreading marks