Programming in C and C++, 5/e

Programming in C and C++, 5/e

Authors : S S Khandare

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About the Author

S S Khandare :- Ph.D. from IIT Delhi in specialization of CAD and IT.M.E., P.G. Diploma in Computer Science, Ph.D. Prof in Mechanical Dept. at YCCE, Nagpur; a consultant to provide CAD/CAM solutions through C.

About the Book

This book is exclusively for the students of B.E./Tech., B.Sc., M.Sc., B.C.A., B.B.A. and also useful for C-DAC And DOE. In this book, the basic programming are presented. In this improved edition all the programes are provided with results and two new chapters on 'Networking' and 'Exercises and Projects' has been included.


Table of Content

1. Computer Fundamentals 2. Hardware 3. Software 4. Networking And E-Commerce 5. Algorithms And Flow Charts 6. C-Fundamentals 7. Input And Output Statement 8. Control Statement 9. Looping Statements 10. Numeric Array .... .... .... 25. Subjective And Objective Questions 26. Common Programming Errors 27. Bios/Dos Functions 28. C-Sharp