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About the Author

R Subburaj :-  
Dr R Subburaj, an alumnus of IIT-Delhi, is currently Professor and Consultant in the IT Department of SRM University, Chennai. He is a recipient of the coveted IETE Lal C Verman award for his distinguished contributions in the field of standardization, metrology and quality control. He has been a trainer of Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

Dr Subburaj has been teaching and guiding research scholars in the area of software testing and reliability, data mining, big data and cyber security. Prior to joining SRM University, he served various departments of the Government of India in various capacities for more than 36 years. He has contributed to the initiation of many new schemes such as C-DAC, Pune. He retired from the services of Government of India as Senior Director and Head, ERTL (west), Mumbai. He is a voracious writer having authored six books and many research papers.


About the Book

C is the most versatile of programming languages. It has caused a number of innovations in the areas of software and Information Technology, and is the forerunner to a new programming paradigm, the OOT, the major derivative of which is the graphical user interface which has tremendously simplified the use of computers. C has led to many path-breaking developments in the field of computer science, such as vibrant social media, e-commerce, e-banking, mobile banking, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and Big Data Analytics. Learning of C, thus, is of tremendous use to every programmer. The learner only needs to follow a step-by-step process with one step at a time, so as to absorb its tenets easily—exactly the approach this book has followed.
Over the years, this book has helped thousands of aspirants in developing their career in the language. The second edition has made it compatible with the latest revisions to C Standards. It also covers the significant differences between C90, C99 and C11, including all the language features and library functions added in C99 and C11.


• Algorithms for Problem Solving Using Computers • Developing the First "C" Program • Introduction to Data Types • Console Input and Output • Operators and Expressions • Decision Control Structures • Loop Control Structures • Arrays • Functions • Strings • More on Data Types • Pointers • Recursion • Structures • Unions, Enum and Typedef • File Handling • C Preprocessor • Introduction to Data Structures • Multithreading • Model Test Paper

New in this Edition

• Virtually rewritten text to suit contemporary needs
• All revisions to C Standards carried out in 1999 and 2011
• A new chapter on multithreading
• A separate chapter on strings carved out for proper focus