Public Administration, 23/e

Public Administration, 23/e

Authors : Dr. Vandana Mohla, V Bhushan & V Bhagwan

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About the Author

Dr. Vandana Mohla :- Dr. Vandana mohla Ph.D. (Delhi) Associate Professor KLMDN College for Women, Faridabad S.

V Bhushan :-

V Bhagwan :-

About the Book

For the Aspirants of Civil Services - Central and State, Honours and Postgraduate Students of Differents Indian Universities


Table of Content

Part-I: Introduction: 1. Meaning, Nature and Scope of Public Administration,
2. Importance of Public Administration, 3. Public Administration and Other Social
Sciences, 4. New Dimensions of Public Administration, Part-II: Organisation in General: 5. General Aspects of Administration, 6. Principles and Tools of Administration, 7. Legislature as a Board of Directors, 8. The Chief Executive as General Manager, Part-III: Organisation-Principles and Structure: 9. Organisation and its Principles, 10. Staff Line and Auxiliary Agencies, 11. Organization of Department, 12. The Bureau and Board of Commission, 13. Field Establishments, 14. Public Enterprises, 15. Independent Regulatory Commissions, Part-IV: Management: 16. Management-A Conceptual Analysis, 17. Leadership, 18. Policy-Formation, 19. Decision-Making, 20. Planning, 21. Coordination, 22. Delegation and Communication, 23. Supervision, 24. Public Relations, Part-V: Personnel Administration: 25. Civil Servants and their Role, 26. Problems of Personnel Organisation, 27. Recruitment of Personnel, 28. Training, 29. Promotion, Advancement, Transfer, 30. Public Employees Organization, 31. Economic Civil Services in India-Need and Evolution, 32. Corruption in Public Services, 33. Generalist vs. Specialist, Part-VI: Administrative Improvement: 34. Administrative Procedure, 35. Organisation and Methods (O and M), Part-VII: Administrative Law & Adjudication: 36. Administrative Legislation, 37. Delegated Legislation, 38. Administrative Adjudication, Part-VIII: Financial Administration: 39. Administration and Finance, 40. The Budget, 41. The Finance Ministry, 42. Budgetary Process in India, 43. Parliamentary Control over Finances-Accounting and Audit, 44. Parliamentary Control over Finances-Financial Committees, Part-IX: Control Over Administration: 45. Control over Administrative, 46. Citizen and Administration, Part-X: Local Administration: 47. State Local Relations, 48. Panchayati Raj, 49. Community Project Administration, 50. District Administration, 51. Municipal Government in India • Appendices • Most Selected Bibliography • Index