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About the Book

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations is an excellent book for those who want to master their skill in numerical ability, and accuracy in mathematical calculations. It is comprehensive in coverage, and contains effective pedagogical and assessment tools. It provides a brief introduction to topics with some quick reference definitions and formulae, followed by hands-on Worked-Out Examples.
The book has been compiled after a close scrutiny of previous years' papers of various competitive examinations, and the feedback received from candidates. It is divided into two blocks: Block one topics are aligned more towards the ';conceptual understanding' of Quantitative Aptitude or Mathematical Ability, and Block two topics are aligned more towards the ';conceptual application' of the basic aspects.

Key Features

• Fully solved questions and alternative solving methods for selective questions
• Step-by-step solutions for better understanding
• More than 5,200 multiple-choice questions for practice, divided into three parts: (i) Worked-Out Examples, (ii) Practice Problems, and (iii) Previous Years' Originals

Table of Content

• Number System and Basic Numeracy
• Basic Arithmetic
• Problem Solving
• Commercial Mathematics
• Geometry and Mensuration
• Algebra and Higher Mathematics
• Data Based Mathematics