Quantitative Techniques

Quantitative Techniques

Authors : C Satyadevi

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About the Author

C Satyadevi :- M.COM.,PH.D., Reader & Head of the Department of Commerce , Ch.S.D.St. Theresa's College for Women (Autonomous),Eluru, Andhra Pradesh

About the Book

The tools of Quantitative Techniques are essential for every Commerce and Management student of the modern business world. This book is designed according to the syllabus of MBA/PGDBA course students.


Table of Content

Part-A Unit-I Chapter-1 Introduction To Quantitative Techniques Unit-Ii Chapter-2 Introduction To Statistics Chapter-3 Statistical Investigation Chapter-4 Classification And Tabulation Chapter-5 Diagrammatic And Graphic Presentation Of Data Chapter-6 Statistical System In India Unit-Iii Chapter-7 Measures Of Averages Chapter-8 Measures Of Dispersion Chapter-9 Measures Of Skewness Unit-Iv Chapter-10 Measures Of Relation Chapter-11 Regression Analysis Unit-V Chapter-12 Analysis Of Time Series Unit-Vi Chapter-13 Index Numbers Part-B Unit-Vii Chapter-14 Elements Of Algebra Chapter-15 Quadratic Equations Chapter-16 Set Theory Chapter-17 Theory Of Indices Chapter-18 Progressions Chapter-19 Matrices Chapter-20 Determinants Unit-Viii Chapter-21 Calculus Chapter-22 Linear Programming Part-C Unit-Ix Chapter-23 Theory Of Probability Chapter-24 Theoretical Distribution Chapter-25 Operation Research