Robotics for Engineers - Concepts and Techniques

Robotics for Engineers - Concepts and Techniques


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About the Author

He is Ph.D (Electronics), has been working as Principal, LNCT College, Jabalpur, MP, India. He has more than three decade of teaching and research experience in India and abroad. He got foreign fellowship from northern Institute of TAFE Melbourne, Australia; he also contributed in indo-German technical education project. Dr. Mahajan has published number of research papers in international journal and conferences. He received his Ph. D in Digital Image processing from Barkatullah University, Bhopal, India. He completed his Master of Technology from MNIT, Bhopal and Bachelor of Engineering from SGSITS Indore. Dr. Mahajan has guided number of research scholars for their research work in master and doctorates level. His area of interest includes Digital Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Optical Communication, Satellite communication, Antennas, Mechatronics and Robotics.

He has been working as Assistant Professor in Department of Computer science and engineering at LNCT College, Jabalpur, MP, India and PHD Research Scholar (faculty of engineering and technology) at Jodhpur National University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. He completed his Master of Technology from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, and his Bachelor of Technology from SRM University, Chennai. His research interest includes Graph theory, Discrete mathematics, Robotics, Cloud computing and Algorithm. He also works as reviewer, editorial and technical board member in many reputed national, international journal and conferences. He publishes research papers in international journal and conferences including IEEE and Springer regularly and supervising post graduate students in their research work.

He is Ph.D (Computer Science), Fellow IETE, Senior Member IEEE is Professor at the School of Computer Engineering, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. He has more than a decade of teaching and research experience. Dr. Pattnaik has published numbers of Research Papers in peer-reviewed International Journals and conferences. His areas of interest include Graph Theory, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing and Robotics.

About the Book

Robotics for Engineers provides introductory but detailed study of robot design, installation and maintenance. It caters to the needs of the students by emphasizing the practical utility of robot in the field of engineering, science and technology. The book introduces the science and engineering of robotics and provides in-depth coverage of mechanical and electrical manipulation. For every topic, the fundamental mathematical concepts and analytical tools required to develop the relevant theory, algorithms and programming have been discussed sufficiently. ACL programming has been used for developing the robot programming.
In the current form, this book is useful for undergraduates, postgraduates and research scholar students for their course and research projects.

Key Features

• Coverage of wide application areas and problems
• Includes number of solved, unsolved and multiple-choice questions
• Emphasizes the fundamental concepts and tool for analysis
• FAQs to prepare for interviews and viva-voce
• Detailed list of references for further study on the subject

Table of Content

1. Social Implications of Robotics, 2. Robot Applications, 3. Robot Safety & Path Control, 4. Drive & Sensor Systems for Robot, 5. Interpreting Robot Specifications, 6. Planning, Installation, Maintenance & Programming Techniques for Robot, 7. Robot Tooling for Advanced Manufacturing, 8. Acl Cim Programs & Position for Robot