Rural Marketing - Environment, Problems and Strategies, 3/e

Rural Marketing - Environment, Problems and Strategies, 3/e

Authors : T P Gopalaswamy

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About the Author

T P Gopalaswamy :- T P Gopalaswamy is retired professor of Marketing, IIM, Bangalore and is recognised for his expertise in the field of rural marketing. He did his PhD (1968) in Agricultural Economics from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. He has a wide variety of experience with the Department of Agriculture, Government of Tamil Nadu; Delhi School of Economics; IIM, Ahmedabad; US Agency for International Development; Indian Council of Agricultural Research, and, IIM, Bangalore.

About the Book

Rural Marketing—Environment, Problems and Strategies, attempts to rectify the lacunae of a near total absence of any comprehensive text on rural marketing. This is despite the fact that almost three-fourths of India's population is rural and one-third of its national income is generated by the rural areas. In the present context of the downturn in the economy, many companies producing consumables and durables are being sustained by rural demand which has brought a sharp focus on rural markets. This Third Edition has been thoroughly revised in view of the above. Rural Marketing provides an in-depth analysis of the environment, the problems associated with rural marketing and also the strategies that can be successfully adopted.

This book offers an interesting reading for academicians, students and a new class of ';forced entrepreneurs' which is emerging as a consequence of the present economic upheaval. It also offers an interesting reading for general readers who are curious to know about the vibrant dynamics of rural India.



  • Introduction
  • Rural Market Environment
  • Rural Demand and Rural Market Index
  • Problems in Rural Marketing
  • Marketing of Agricultural Inputs
  • Marketing of Consumables, Durables and Services
  • Marketing of Agricultural Produce, and Rural and Cottage Industry Products
  • Role of Financial Institutions in Rural Marketing
  • Role of Cooperative Institutions in Rural Marketing
  • Rural Marketing Strategies
  • Social Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Cases
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Salient Features

  • Thoroughly revised and updated third edition
  • Contains latest developments in rural initiatives such as National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme, Encouragement of Self-Help Groups and the impact of massive loan write-off
  • Includes a new chapter on Services Marketing
  • Deals with issues such as branding of agricultural products which have prompted industry to evolve and adopt new strategies and techniques of selling to rural areas.
  • Contains a separate chapter on Corporate Social Responsibility.