S.Chand Success Guides Organic Chemistry, 3/e

S.Chand Success Guides Organic Chemistry, 3/e

Authors : Dr. R L Madan

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About the Author

Dr. R L Madan :-
He has over 35 years experience of teaching chemistry at different levels. He has done extensive research work in the areas of adsorption, catalysis and surface chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. He has to his credit 15 research papers in the areas of adsorption, catalysis, polymers and superconductivity published in different national and international journals.
He started his teaching career at Government Postgraduate College, Gurgaon. He has held positions of Head of the Chemistry Department, Government Postgraduate College, Faridabad and Principal, Government College, Panchkula and Tigaon (Faridabad). He is a recipient of UNESCO and Swedish Institute Fellowships and has authored a number of books on Chemistry and Environmental Education.

About the Book

For B. Sc. I. II and III Year As Per UGC Model Curriculumn

* Enlarged and Updated edition

* Including Solved Long answer type and short answer type questions and numerical problems

* Authentic, simple, to the point and modern account of each and every topic

* Relevant, Clear, Well-Labelled diagrams

* Questions from University papers of various Indian Universities have been included


Table of Content

1. Occurrence and Characteristics of Organic Compounds, 2. Quantitative Analysis,
3. Systematic Nomenclature, 4. General Principles of Organic Reaction Mechanism,
5. Chromatography, 6. Stereochemistry, 7. Alkanes, 8. Alkenes, 9. Alkynes, 10. Dienes, 11. Arenes, 12. Aliphatic Halogen Compounds, 13. Aryl Halides, 14. Organometallic Compounds, 15. Alcohols and Epoxides, 16. Phenols, 17. Ethers and Epoxides, 18. Thiols and Thioethers, 19. Aldehydes and Ketones, 20. Carboxylic Acids, 21. Derivatives of Carboxylic Acids, 22. Substituted Acids and Their Derivatives, 23. Polycarboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives, 24. Fats, Oils, Soaps, Detergents and Waxes, 25. Sulphonic Acids, 26. Nitro Compounds, 27. Amines, 28. Diazonium Salts, 29. Spectroscopy and Structure, 30. Cycloalkanes, 31. Conformations, 32. Carbohydrates, 33. Polynuclear Hydrocarbons, 34. Heterocyclics, 35. Amino Acids and Proteins, 36. Synthetic Drugs, Insecticides and Pesticides, 37. Photochemistry, 38. Reactive Intermediates, 39. Rearrangements, 40. Oxidation and Reduction (Some Synthetic Reagents), 41. Natural Products, 42. Biosynthesis of Natural Products, 43. Dyes (With theory of colour and constitution), 44. Vitamins, 45. Polymers • Appendix-1: Index of Name Relations • Appendix-2: Ascent and Descent of Series • Appendix-3: Systematic Approach to Solving Structural Problems • Appendix-4: Reagents in Organic Chemistry • Appendix-5: Summary of Some Important Name Reactions