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About the Author

DR. K.D. SHARMA :-  
He secured first division in M.Sc. (Chemistry) and did Ph.D. in Organo-analytical Chemistry during teaching career. He has nine research papers to his credit in the national and international research journals. His total teaching experience in colleges is of 32 years which includes teaching to M.Sc. classes. He was selected direct by Punjab Public Service Commission, Patiala as a gazetted Lecturer for teaching M.Sc. classes. In one of his individual research papers entitled, ';A New Method for the Detection of Lead, Barium, Strontium and Calcium in Presence of Each Other and Removal of Interference Caused by Oxalate and Tartrate', he modified the qualitative analysis scheme for basic radicals comprising of six groups into five groups (see Indian Journal of Chemical Education, Vol. 6, No. 2, August 1979 for basic analysis scheme), thus, making the detection of old fifth group radicals into the first group most reliable. He remained paper setter for Punjab School Education Board and Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar. He contributed towards the upliftment of education standard in the capacity of Member Academic Council and Member College Development Council in Panjab University, Chandigarh. He has also been evaluating IAS papers in Chemistry. Dr. Sharma is the author of 30 textbooks in Chemistry for the college students of different states of India. He has been the Principal of different Government Colleges in Punjab for about six years and enjoys a respectable reputation in the field of education.

She is the Head of the Department of Chemistry at St. Edward Senior Secondary School, Shimla (HP).

About the Book

An ideal book for the students of XI and XII (CBSE, ISC and the State Boards who are using Core Curriculum) and also useful for the students preparing for various Engineering & Medical Entrance Examinations.

Table of Content

• Measurements-Units • Significant Figures • Equivalent Weight • Atomic Weight • Density and Vapour Density • Molecular Weight • Laws of Chemical Combination • Gaseous State-States of Matter • The Mole Concept • The Solid State • Eudiometry-Gas Analysis • Structure of Atom • Periodic Properties and Chemical Bonding • Stoichiometry-Limiting Reactants • Thermodynamics-Thermochemistry • Oxidation and Reduction • Solution-Concentration • Solution-Colligative Properties • Electrochemistry • Chemical Kinetics • Nuclear Chemistry • Volumetric Analysis • Physical and Chemical Equilibrium • Ionic Equilibrium • Estimation of Elements in Organic Compounds • Empirical and Molecular Formulae • Structure and Reaction Based Problems • Water and Hydrogen Peroxide • Polymers, Co-ordination Compounds and Surface Chemistry • Distribution Law