Solid Mechanics (ANNA), 1/e

Solid Mechanics (ANNA), 1/e

Authors : S S Bhavikatti

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About the Author

S S Bhavikatti :-
He is Emeritus Professor, BVB College of Engineering & Technology, Hubli. He is a former Dean of NITK, Surathkal, and SDM College of Engineering & Technology, Dharwad. For some time he has also been Principal, RYM Engineering College, Bellary.
Prof Bhavikatti holds an ME degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Roorkee, and a PhD from IIT-Delhi.

About the Book

Solid mechanics, also known as strength of materials, is a basic course for engineering students. To suit the needs of many universities, the author has modified his earlier book, Strength of Materials, collecting some portions from his earlier books on Structural Analysis, Vol. I and II.

Throughout the book, emphasis has been laid on developing the concepts, clarifying the units to be used in final equations and neatly presenting solutions for the numerical problems. The features of this ‘one-stop’ book will help the students to prepare themselves for taking up the design papers taught in higher classes.


Key Features

• Use of SI units • Summary of important concepts and formulae at the end of the book • Large number of solved problems, presented systematically • Large number of exercise problems • Simple and clear explanation of concepts • Generous use of diagrams for better understanding • Includes University question papers

Table of Content

Introduction, Simple Stresses and Strains, Biaxial State of Stress, Stresses and Deformation of Thin Cylindrical and Spherical Shells, Analysis of Plane Frames, Shear Force and Bending Moment in Statically Determinate Beams, Theory of Simple Bending, Deflections of Beams by Double Integration Method, Deflection of Beams using Moment Area and Conjugate Beam Methods, Torsion, Shear Centre