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About the Author

Born on 2 July 1957 in Mumbai, Ramakant Tiwari holds two post-graduate qualifications in Fundamental Science and Management and has been a professional business manager in private-sector concerns. His entirely providential encounter with his Guru in 1993, followed by first-hand direct perception of the Absolute Entity in 1999, left him truly 'devastated' for a long time before being transformed completely. He started working on this book mentored by his Guru and inspired by Sri Radharamana Ji Maharaja of Vrindavana. Ramakant Tiwari is III Level practising REIKI Mater and is associated with a few NGOs and private concerns. He has authored four more titles that shall be launched in due course of time.

About the Book

Human existence is not entirely defined by its gross appearance alone. It is a complex, deeply integrated composite of gross body and subtle inner being or the Suksma Sárıra. At another level of aggregation, gross body is constituted of several organs and systems functioning in perfect harmony with one another with the common goal of preserving healthy functioning and vitality of Sthula Sárıra. Similarly, Suksma Sárıra too, has its own subtle constituents, viz., Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Ahamkara, Mana, Buddhi and so on. Tackling constituents of subtle entity poses an enormous challenge even for the profoundly enlightened ones.

Every equipment that matters in life is invariably accompanied by a technical manual to answer all queries pertaining to all its features, efficient performance as well as how to service in the event of breakdown. Wisdom of Srı Krsna imparted unto His disciple-friend in the battlefield of Kuruksetra at the pinnacle of his dejection and perceived cowardice, is a marvellous 'Service Manual' of human existence. Mystical and exquisite, it is so comprehensive, so far-reaching in its intent and content, that Arjuna discovered an altogether refined, evolved Arjuna within himself, entirely unknown to him hitherto. Transformation thus achieved, did not cease within confines of the battlefield. It carried him along up to the goal of human existence, i.e., ultimate emancipation known as Moksa after leading a glorious life as a cosmic traveller in this delusionary world of Maya.

This exquisite wisdom must be perused by all continually lest one is found wanting in the event of a discursive state of cognition, comprehension or even an eventual calamity. The title is vehemently recommended for all, for all times to come, for regular study. Its wisdom ought to be assimilated by all through the entire length of one's existence.