Statistics (For CA Foundation), 6/e

Statistics (For CA Foundation), 6/e

Authors : P N Arora & S Arora

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About the Author

P N Arora :- M.A., Ph.D. (DU) Former Professor of Mathematics Dayal Singh College University of Delhi, Delhi

S Arora :- M.A.(Economics)

About the Book

The book has been primarily designed for the students of C.A. Foundation course for the subject Statistics. Written in concise and self-explanatory style, this book lucidly explains each concept with the help of solved examples. Keeping in view the new syllabus, a new chapter on Time Series Analysis has been included. Further, Statistical Tables for student's ready reference have also been included towards the end of the book.

Key Features

• 300+ examples have been provided throughout the text to aid students in understanding of the concepts
• Multiple choice questions having more than 1700 questions (with answers) as well as hints/solutions for questions have been provided for practice
• Question bank having more than 950 questions has been provided at the end of each chapter to test understanding of the concepts

Table of Content

1. Statistical Description of Data
2. Measures of Central Tendency or Averages
3. Measures of Dispersion
4. Correlation Analysis
5. Regression Analysis
6. Time Series Analysis
7. Probability
8. Expected Value or Mathematical Expectation
9. Theoretical Distributions
10. Index Numbers
• Statistical Tables