Strength of Materials (West Bengal Polytechnic), 1/e

Strength of Materials (West Bengal Polytechnic), 1/e

Authors : S S Bhavikatti

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About the Author

S S Bhavikatti :-
He is Emeritus Professor, BVB College of Engineering & Technology, Hubli. He is a former Dean of NITK, Surathkal, and SDM College of Engineering & Technology, Dharwad. For some time he has also been Principal, RYM Engineering College, Bellary.
Prof Bhavikatti holds an ME degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Roorkee, and a PhD from IIT-Delhi.

About the Book

Strength of Materials is an important subject in engineering in which concept of load transfer in a structure is developed and method of finding internal forces in the members of the structure is taught. This book is written strictly as per West Bengal polytechnic syllabus. The subject is developed systematically, using good number of figures and simple English. At the end of each chapter a set of problems are presented with answer so that the students can check their ability to solve problems. To enhance the ability of students to answer semester and examinations a set of descriptive type, fill in the blanks type, identifying true/ false type and multiple choice questions are also presented.


  • Introduction
  • Simple Stresses and Strains
  • Thin Cylindrical Shells
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment
  • Moment of Inertia
  • Deflection of Beams
  • Columns and Struts

Key Features

  • 100% coverage of new syllabus
  • Emphasis on practice of numerical for guaranteed success in exams
  • Lucidity and simplicity maintained throughout
  • Nationally acclaimed author of over 40 books