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About the Author

Prasanna Kumar Dixit :-
He is currently Director of Interface Software, Bhubaneswar. He did his B Tech from Institute of Engineers, Chennai and M Tech from ITER, Bhubaneswar. He also has a PG Diploma in Industrial Relations and Certificate in Power Engineering from Durgapur. He has worked for several companies across industries like Steel and Software in Odisha, Bengaluru and Chennai and these have leveraged him with a broad and thorough understanding of business processes and software projects. To satiate his constant zeal for spreading the knowledge of new technologies, he set up Interface Software in 2001, which has since become the benchmark for Java and related training in the state of Odisha. He is currently working on seven other books on Java-based technologies, which will be released within this year.
Mr. Dixit is a multi-faceted person; he speaks many languages and plays cricket and badminton in his free time.

About the Book

Struts 2 is a textbook that offers comprehensive coverage of the important subject of Struts 2. Written in simple language and following a logical approach, it first explains the basic concepts and then proceeds to address complex topics. This book begins by introducing the students to small examples and then leads them to an exhaustive project. A careful reading of this book will familiarize the students with the Struts framework to the extent that they can easily design it.
The book deals with the concept of Struts architecture, interceptors and XML files extensively. The project illustrated in the book will give the users confidence to appear in interviews and conduct similar and bigger projects.


1. Introduction to Struts 2, 2. Struts 2 Framework Architecture, 3. Core Components of Struts 2, 4. Validations in Struts, 5. Struts 2 Tiles, 6. Annotations, 7. Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control, 8. Project Using Struts 2

Key Features

• Step by step approach toward each program
• Tiles, Validator
• Coverage of results, UI Tags, struts-default.xml
• Coverage of OGNL, Internationalization and Value
• Systematic approach and easy-to-understand language