Textbook of Organic Chemistry (LPSPE), 22/e

Textbook of Organic Chemistry (LPSPE), 22/e

Authors : Arun Bahl & B S Bahl

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About the Author

Arun Bahl :-
Dr. Arun Bahl was born on January 18, 1945 at Jalandhar. He is formerly Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Punjab University since 1996. He did his. M.Sc. Honours in Chemistry from Punjab University and was able to secure admission to MS in Northeastern University, Boston (USA) where he was awarded a scholarship for pursuing his studies. After completing his MS from Boston in 1969 he decided to join Hariot-Watt University, Edinburgh, for his Ph.D. The reason was that in USA it invariably took about five years to do Ph.D. On his return to India he was appointed Lecturer in Organic Chemistry in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology of the Punjab University and later promoted professor. The book authored by him are considered to be the best text-books of Organic Chemistry in the country. He has earned a name as the author of Chemistry Books which are recommended in almost all the Universities of India and even in some of the Asian Countries. He is Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), London. He is also the Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists (FAIC). His best books, which have no parallel in the country, are Advanced Organic Chemistry, Text-book of Organic Chemistry and Essentials of Physical Chemistry. He has freely used software procured from USA for updating the books. This has added prestige and glamour to his books.

B S Bahl :-
MSc., formerly Principal and Head of the Department, Chemistry, DAV College, Jalandhar.

About the Book

With an increased focus on fundamentals, this new edition of A Textbook of Organic Chemistry continues to present the time-tested functional group approach to the subject. This examination-oriented book breaks the intricacies of Organic Chemistry into easy-to-understand steps which gives the student the necessary foundation to build upon, learn and understand Organic Chemistry in a way that is efficient as well as long-lasting.


1. Getting Started
2. Purification of Organic Compounds
3. Composition of Organic Compounds
4. Empirical and Molecular Formulae
5. Structure of Organic Molecules
6. Organic Reactions and their Mechanism
7. Isomerism
8. Nomenclature of Organic Compounds
9. Spectroscopy
10. Alkanes and Petroleum
11. Alkenes
12. Alkynes
13. Alkyl Halides
14. Organometallic Compounds
15. Alcohols
16. Polyhydric Alcohols
17. Ethers and Epoxides
18. Thiols and Thioethers
19. Aldehydes and Ketones
20. Carboxylic Acids
21. Dicarboxylic Acids
22. Hydroxy and Halo Acids
23. Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
24. Nitriles, Isonitriles, Nitroalkanes and
25. Acetoacetic Ester and Malonic Ester
26. Fats and Oils; Soaps and Detergents
27. Amines
28. Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins
29. Cycloalkanes
30. Ureides and Purines
31. Carbohydrates
32. Aromatic Compounds
33. Benzene and its Homologues
34. Directive Effects of Substituents
35. Aromatic Halogen Compounds
36. Aromatic Sulfonic Acids
37. Aromatic Nitro Compounds
38. Aromatic Amines
39. Aryldiazonium Salts
40. Phenols and Aromatic Ethers
41. Aromatic Aldehydes and Ketones
42. Aromatic Carboxylic Acids
43. Dyes: Color and Constitution
44. Naphthalene
45. Anthracene and Phenanthrene
46. Heterocyclic Compounds
47. Alkaloids
48. Terpenes
49. Synthetic Polymers
50. Vitamins, Steroids and Antibiotics
51. Predicting Trends
52. Multistep Synthesis
53. 500 New Multiple Choice Questions
• Glossary
• Index

Key Features

• Chemistry of aliphatic and aromatic compounds is treated separately
• All reaction mechanisms are presented using the latest conventions
• Coloured illustrations and graphics highlight and reinforce the presentation of
   important points
• Over 3300 questions helping the students to achieve deeper understanding of the
  subject through constant reinforcement and practice