Textbook of Pharmacology, 1/e

Textbook of Pharmacology, 1/e

Authors : F.S.K. Barar

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About the Author

F.S.K. Barar :- M.Sc.(Med), M.D(Pharmacol)

About the Book

Textbook of Pharmacology is a collection of fundamental concepts of the subjects, aiming at the safe and effective use of drugs in the treatment of disease.


Table of Content

1. General Pharmacology 2. Drugs Acting On The Central Nervous System 3. Drugs Acting On The Peripheral Nervous System 4. Drugs Acting On The Cardiovascular System 5. Drugs Acting On The Haemopoietic System 6. Drugs Acting On The Genito-Urinary System 7. Drugs Acting On The Endocrine System 8. The Vitamins 9. Systemic Anti-Infective Agents 10. Local Anti-Infective Agentgs 11. Autacoids 12. Drugs Acting On The Gastrointestinal System 13. Drugs Acting On The Respiratory System 14. Heavy Metals And Chelating Agents 15. Vaccines And Antisera 16. Diagnostic Agents, Hyperbaric Oxygen And Enzymes In Therapy 17. Newer Drug’S Digest Appendices Index