The Automobile, 6/e

The Automobile, 6/e

Authors : Harbans Singh Reyat

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About the Author

Harbans Singh Reyat :- M.A., M.I.A.E.

About the Book

A textbook for students and those who want to know what an automobile is and how it works. In this edition, trouble shooting chapter has been expanded and turbocharger, now being installed in Tata Sumo-DX-Turbo has been discussed. In addition to this some more information about four valves per cylinder, technical terms in air-conditioning servicing has also been added.

Table of Content

• Introduction • Structure Of Solids • Electricity And Ohm'S Law • Dc Resistive Circuits • Kirchoffs Law And Network Theorems • A.C. Fundamentals • Passive Circuit Elements • Circuit Contro• And Protective Devices • Voltage And Current Sources • Electron Emission • Vacuum Tubes • Semiconductors • The P-N Junction • P-N Junction Diode • Specia• Diodes • Transistors • Transistor Characteristics • Field Effect Transistors • Thyristors • Integrated Circuits • Rectifiers And Filters • Regulated Power Supplies • Controlled Rectifiers • Transistor Biasing And Stabilization • Transistor Models • Single Stage Transistor Amplifiers • Hybrid Parameters • Multistage Transistor Amplifiers • Power Amplifiers • Tuned Voltage Amplifiers • Feedback Amplifiers • Field Effect Transistor Amplifiers • Sinusioda• Oscillators • Non-Sinusioda• Oscillators Lwave Shaping • Time Base Circuits • Index