The Culture and Civilisation of Ancient India in Historical Outline, 1/e

The Culture and Civilisation of Ancient India in Historical Outline, 1/e

Authors : D D Kosambi

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About the Author

D D Kosambi :- D D KOSAMBI (1907 – 1966) was best known as a mathematician, but was endowed with a truly Renaissance versatility. His formula for chromosome distance occupies a central place in classical genetics. His work on coins makes the numismatics of hoards into an exact science. An unrivalled collection of microliths, the discovery of Brahmi inscription at Karle, and of a remarkable number of archaeology. His editions of the poetry of Bhratrihari and of the oldest known Sanskrit anthology are land-marks in Indian text-criticism.

About the Book

This is a strikingly original work, the first real cultural history of India. The main features of the Indian character are traced back into remote antiquity as the natural outgrowth of a historical process. Did the change from food gathering and the pastoral life to agriculture make new religions necessary? Why did the Indus cities vanish with hardly a trace and leave no memory? Who were the Aryans – If any? Did the caste system ever serve any useful social purpose? How does it happen that slavery of the type seen in ancient Greece and Rome never appeared in India? Why should Buddhism, Jainism, and so many other sects of the same type come into being at one time and in the same region? How could Buddhism spread over so large a part of Asia while dying out completely in the land of its origin? What caused the rise and what led to collapse of Magadhan Empire? Was the Gupta Empire fundamentally different from its great predecessor, or just one more ‘oriental despotism’? These are some of the many questions handled with fresh insight, yet in the simplest terms, in this stimulating work.


1.The Historical Perspective, 2.Primitive Life and Prehistory, 3.The First Cities, 4.The Aryans, 5.From Tribe to Society, 6.State and Religion in Greater Magadha, 7.Towards Feudalism, Index