Theory of Computation

Theory of Computation


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About the Author

Sachin Agrawal is currently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Shri Shivaji Education Society's College of Engineering & Technology, Akola in Maharashtra. He is M.E. in Computer Science and Engineering and currently pursuing his Ph.D. He has published many research papers in National & International Conferences/Journals. He is also certified by University of Cambridge U.K, for "Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers", Mission 10x (Wipro Technology, Bangalore) for "Best Practitioner of Innovative Pedagogy" and Microsoft Technology, Singapore as Technology Specialist in "SQL SERVER 2005".

About the Book

Theory of Computation offers comprehensive coverage of one of the most important subjects in the study of engineering and MCA. This book gives a detailed analysis of the working of different sets of models developed by computer scientists regarding computers and programs. It uses simple language and a systematic approach to explain the concepts, which are often considered rather difficult by students. A number of solved programs will further help the students in assimilating understanding of this important subject. A thorough perusal of this book will ensure success for students in the semester examinations


1. Introduction to Automata, 2. Finite State Machine, 3. Regular Expression, 4. Context Free Grammar, 5. Pushdown Automata, 6. Turning Machines, 7. Recursive Languages, 8. Classes of P and NP

Key Features

• In-depth analysis of different computational method
• Large number of solved programs for hands-on practice
• Thorough coverage of additional and latest computational methods