Thermal Engineering

Thermal Engineering

Authors : S K Kulshrestha

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About the Book

This book covers the complete course, dealing with basic elements of mechanical engineering, gas laws, followed by steam, both at very low and beyond saturation pressures and for a better understanding of the topics covered, the book is replete with 284 classroom tested, worked examples

Table of Content

1. Properties of Gases, 2. The First Law of Thermodynamics, 3. The Second Law of
Thermodynamics, 4. Properties of Steam, 5. Gas Power Cycles, 6. Properties of Fuels, Combustion, 7. Steam Boilers, Draught, 8. Internal Combustion Engines, 9. Vapour Power Cycles, 10. Testing of Engines, 11. Steam Engines, 12. Modern Steam Plant, 13. Steam and Gas Nozzles, 14. Steam Turbines, 15. Air Compressors, 16. Compressors for Gas Turbines, 17. Gas Turbines, Jet Propulsion, 18. Steam Condensers, 19. Refrigeration Systems, 20. Air-Conditioning, 21. Variable Specific Heat, 22. Reactive Systems, 23. Mixture of Gases, 24. Heat Transfer by Conduction, 25. Free and Forced Convection, 26. Heat Transfer by Radiation