Training and Development Method, 1/e

Training and Development Method, 1/e

Authors : Dr. Rishipal

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About the Author

Dr. Rishipal :-

About the Book

The objective of this book is to provide comprehensive guidelines to trainers, traineed, management students and teachers for helping them to improve their understanding and learning regarding training and development. Many books have been written about training and development. Most of these are focused on process and procedures of training and development in brief. The purpose of this book is to give a detailed insight, not only on the process and procedure of training and development but also about methods of training and development. The book will serve the trainers/ teachers as well as trainees/ students.

Table of Content

Introduction To Training And Development | Human Resource Development And Career Planning | Training Need Identification | Learning | Strategic Training And Development | Organising The Training Function | Training Programme Design | Training Climate | Training Methodlogy | Training Methodology | Training Methodology | Transfer Of Training | Training Aids | Training Evaluation | Employee Obsolescence And Training | Training Perpectives And Trends