Tulsian's Financial Accounting, 1/e

Tulsian's Financial Accounting, 1/e

Authors : CA & Dr. P C Tulsian

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About the Author

CA, Dr. P C Tulsian :-
He is Head - Department of Commerce, Ramjas College, University of Delhi, is a scholar and a prolific writer. He has been conferred with the award for "Exemplary Services contributed to the cause of Profession", by the Northern India Regional Council of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi. He has also been a visiting faculty at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi & various other Management Institutes. He has authored more than 50 Best Selling Books. His Prominent Publications include the following: Commercial Studies & Applications for Class IX & X (ICSE) • Accountancy for Class XI & XII (CBSE) • Business Studies for Class XI & XII (CBSE) • Accountancy for Class XI & XII (ISC) • Commerce for Class XI & XII (ISC) • Cost Accounting • Practical Costing • Company & Compensation Laws • Corporate Accounting • Fundamentals of Accounting for CA/ CPT • Mercantile Law for CA/ CPT • Accountancy for CA-PCC • Cost Accounting for CA-PCC • Financial Management for CA-PCC • Business & Corporate Laws for CA-PCC • Financial Accounting • Business Law • Quantitative Techniques

About the Book

This book adopts a fresh and novel approach to the study of Financial Accounting for the students of B.Com. It has been written in a "Teach Yourself Style", strictly following a student friendly approach and is essential meant to serve as a tutor at home. Simple language, Heading for each paragraph, Tabular Form, Eye-Catching Screens, Uniform Format of Chapter.

Table of Content

Introduction to Accounting | Accounting Principles and Accouting Standards | Accounting Equation | Journalising, Posting and Balancing | Subsidiary Books I | Subsidiary Books II | Final Accounts of Sole-trader | Accoting for Not-for-Profit Organisations | Accounts from Incomplete Records Depreciations, Reserves and Provisions | Accounting for Consignment | Accounting for Joint Venture | Accouting for Hire Purchase| Accouting for Branches | Accouting for Partnership | Accouting for Partnership -Insolvency