Wason's Double Entry Book Keeping for Class XII Part B

Wason's Double Entry Book Keeping for Class XII Part B

Authors : V. Wason

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About the Book

Wason's Double Entry Book Keeping series for Classes XI and XII have been revised as per the latest CBSE curriculum. All the changes mentioned in the circulars issued by CBSE from time to time have been incorporated in the current edition. Part A of Class XII deals with "Financial Statements for Not-For-Profit Organisations" and "Accounting for Partnership Firms", while Part B deals with "Accounting for Companies". 


Key Features

  • Theory in a simple and lucid language
  • A large number and variety of Illustrations giving sound knowledge of various concepts
  • Format of solutions strictly as per the examination requirement
  • Tutorial Notes providing sound conceptual base
  • Must Remember Concepts
  • Diagrams and Tables for easy understanding
  • A large number of Very Short Answer Type Questions & Answers at the end of each chapter
  •  Model Test Papers on each unit with hints and answers
  • Sample Question Paper 2017 issued by CBSE