Wireless Communication, 1/e

Wireless Communication, 1/e

Authors : Rishabh Anand

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About the Book

For the students of B.E./B.Tech of all Technical Universities of India. The rapid growth of Wireless Communication and its pervasive use are changing the way we commincate in some fundamental ways. Modern Communication distinguishes itself with the treatment of these techniques in depth and yet in a principled manner that can be taught at undergraduate level. The order in which these techniques are treated follows the evolution of spectral evolution and spectral utilization in various recent technologies. Each chapter of the book is saturated with much needed text, supported by neat and self explanatory diagrams to make the subject self speaking to a great extent. Simple and lucid style of lanugage presentation.

Table of Content

Introduction To Wireless Communication System | Modern Wireless Communication System | Mobile Radio Propogation | Spread Spectrum Modulation Techniques | Equalization And Diversity Techniques | Speech Coding And Quantization Techniques Multiple Access Techniques For Wireless Communication | The Cellular Concept System Design Fundamentals | Wireless Networking | Wireless Systems And Standards | Satellite Communication | Modulation Techniques For Mobile Radio | Architecture And Applications Of Wirless Networks | Appendices | Model Question Papers