WTO and International Trade

WTO and International Trade

Authors : M B Rao & Manjula Guru

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About the Author

M B Rao :- Dr M B Rao Former Member of the Law Commission of India completed his B.L. in1948 at the Madras University. He was awarded an LLM in Revenue and Company Law at the University of London and did his Ph.D. in International Economic Law and Double Taxation at the University of Delhi. He was enrolled as an advocate in 1951 and has held various governmental posts. In 1974-75 and in 1983, he acted as tax law expert for the United Nations at Trinidad and Tobago. Dr. Rao has participated in a member of international conferences and was leader of the Indian delegation to the United Nations Conference on International Trade Law in 1982.

Manjula Guru :- Manjula Guru is currently instructor at University of Arkansas in the department of Business and Technology. She holds a postgraduate degree in law and M.S. from U.S. She is member of International Agricultural Economic Association and American Agricultural Law Association. She has been awarded The University of Arkansas Agricultural Foundation Scholarship for Graduate research and the recipient of Rice Technical Working Group Economic & Marketing Panel Award for outstanding research by a graduate student.

About the Book

This book gives an in-depth analysis of the various facets of international trade, and its regulations by the World Trade Organisation. In addtition, it discusses the Multilateral Trade Agreements under the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations. 


Part-I: 1. Principles of Private International Trade, 2. State Controls of Private International Trade, 3. Evolution of GATT, 4. GATT Provisions-Its Working, 5. GATT 1994-Uruguay Round Protocol to The Gatt 1994, Part-II: 6. Agreement Establishing The WTO, 7. Agreement on Agriculture, 8. Agreement on Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, 9. Agreement on Textiles and Clothing, 10. Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade, 11. Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures (Trims), 12. Articles VI and XVI of GATT 1994, 13. Agreement on Implementation of Article VII of GATT 1994, 14. Agreement on Preshipment Inspection, 15. Agreement on Rules of Origin, 16. Agreements on Import Licensing Procedures, 17. Agreement on Safeguards, Part-III: 18. General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), 19. Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, 20. Trade Policy Review Mechanism, Part-IV: 21. Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing Settlement of Disputes, Part-V: 22. Understanding on Interpretation of Article II: 1(B) of GATT 1994, 23. Understanding on Interpretation of Article XVIII of GATT 1994, 24. Understanding on Balance of Payments Provisions of GATT 1994, 25. Understanding on Interpretation of Article XXIV of GATT 1994, 26. Understanding on Interpretation of Article XXVIII of GATT 1994, 27. Understanding on Interpretation of Article XXXV of GATT, Part-VI: 28. Decision on Measures in Favour of Least Developed Countries, 29. Decision on Notification Procedures, 30. WTO and Developing Countries, 31. Seattle Ministerial Conference, 32. Conclusions • Epilogue • Index